Rise of the Runelords!

Welcome to Varisia

You can download your character sheet and your player’s guide here:

Character Sheet
Player’s Guide

Please fill out your character sheet with pencil and paper. If you want to digitally manage your character on your phone or laptop as well that is fine, but I like hard copies that you can edit on the fly.

To roll your character’s base stats we are using a 20 point buy system. You can use this tool here to make your life easier: Point Buy Thing

Characters will be starting at level one and gets the maximum hit points for their first level. For example a ranger rolls a d10 each time they level up so they start with the max of 10HP. The PRD is an invaluable reference. Don’t forget to add your constition modifier and any hit points assigned for your “favored class”. If this is all confusing I can walk you through it. We will roll for hit points after level 1.

For those of you new to generating a character please let me know if you need help. I will gladly review it with you and help as we go.

Contact me if you have any questions via the forum so we are all on the same page and have an opportunity to chat it up.

Rise of the Runelords

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